forensic psychologist
forensic psychologist
Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D. PA forensic psychologist and expert witness
Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D. PA forensic psychologist and expert witness

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Keith A. Peterson, Esq., 101 NW 5th St., Mulberry, FL 33860
Phone: (863) 448-9009Fax: (863) 448-9007TF: 1-888-325-4111

Thomas J. Wohl

Dr. Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D.. PA

305 Pine Tree Dr,

Dothan AL 36303


Phone: (863) 386-0276

toll free (800) 919-9008

Fax: (863) 204-4679

Email: drborkosky at gmail dot com

Dr. Borkosky's practice is limited to telehealth at the present time.


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