forensic psychologist
forensic psychologist
Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D. PA forensic psychologist and expert witness
Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D. PA forensic psychologist and expert witness

Services offered

Here you will find an overview of the types of evaluations we perform.

Evaluations and consultations

Criminal Competency

Child custody

Child abuse and child sexual abuse

Disability and Workers Compensation

Death Penalty and Mitigation

Personal Injury

Employment Discrimination and Harassment

Sexual offender and sexual abuse

Battered Person Syndrome

Juveniles transferred to adult court

Competency to Waiver Miranda rights


Capacity to make a will

Violence / risk of future dangerousness

malingering / validity / assessment of effort

Mental retardation  / giftedness

Do you have questions about our services?

Contact us at 800-919-9008 or via our contact form.

Dr. Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D.. PA

305 Pine Tree Dr,

Dothan AL 36303


Phone: (863) 386-0276

toll free (800) 919-9008

Fax: (863) 204-4679

Email: drborkosky at gmail dot com

Dr. Borkosky's practice is limited to telehealth at the present time.


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