forensic psychologist
forensic psychologist
Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D. PA forensic psychologist and expert witness
Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D. PA forensic psychologist and expert witness

Bruce Borkosky, Florida Forensic Psychologist & Expert Witness

Dr. Bruce Borkosky is a Florida licensed psychologist, specializing in forensic psychology and expert witness services.  He has treated or evaluated tens of thousands of patients in his 22 years in practice, resulting in excellent clinical and report-writing skills.  Dr. Borkosky is also very knowledgeable of the legal requirements for all forensic areas, and prides himself on the application of the clinical, psychological issues to those legal issues. The results are - the most relevant and material clinical facts, applied to the relevant legal issues, and a winning case for you!


Dr. Borkosky has been admitted into many circuit and county courts within the state of Florida, and has testified many times. He prides himself on his relaxed, educational approach to the issues, making it easy for the trier of fact to understand the most important issues. A key factor when deciding cases is to help the trier of fact understand the most appropriate context to take. Context then reveals the questions to be asked, which then lead to the answers the trier of fact is looking for.


Criminal cases have included criminal competency, sanity, sentencing mitigation, and sexual offenders. Civil cases have included personal injury, sexual harassment, and traumatic brain injury.

Supreme Court courthouse in Tallahassee, Florida

Dr. Borkosky offers assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. Learn more about our practice and the areas in which we specialize.





HIPAA and patient access rights - what providers and evaluators need to know when patients or evaluees want a copy of their records.




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